Monday, August 9, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Thank you for visiting my Blog. My goal is to be a source of  information pertaining to all aspects of handmade bath and body products. Over time, I will cover topics from creation to packaging to selling; tried and true recipes with precise instructions and frequently asked questions (FAQ's).  I have owned and operated a successful home based bath and body products business for the past 8 years, and did months of research before embarking on the journey, starting first as a hobbyist. I have learned much, however, all of the book knowledge in the world is no substitute for actual experience. Additionally, there is much incorrect information on the internet, which can prove catastrophic, especially for a beginner. 
One of the most important things I have learned is that just because I do or do not like a particular product or fragrance, does not mean someone else will or will not like it. Best sellers are often a fragrance I do not personally care for. On the other hand, products I prefer do not always turn into customer favorites.
Check back soon for my first informative post.