Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beeswax candles

Candlemaking has been an interest of mine for a good while, but with my first love being soapmaking, I have place more of my time and attention there.
I recently decided to try my hand at candlemaking and opted to go with Beeswax. The most simple method is to use the sheets of textured beeswax. That seemed too simplistic and plain, so, I attempted to make something a little more fancy.
Using a stencil, I cut a design in the sheet of beeswax which was to be on the outermost part of the candle. I didn't want a tall taper candle, but rather a pillar style candle. In order to achieve this, I used 4 layers of the sheets, in alternating colors; blue and white.
After placing the wick, I rolled the sheets as snuggly as I could without crushing the intricate honeycomb design. Once rolled, I gently compressed the candle to eliminate as many air spaces as I could, slightly rounding the top edge.
This was the end result.

I made a small taper candle with the scraps from the pillar, just to use it up and so I could burn it to see how it burned, what the natural scent was like and to determine a burn time. This is how that one turned out.

After a burn time of about one hour, the candle, which initially measured about 4 1/2 inches x 1 inch, has burned down about 1/4. It has a light natural honey  fragrance which is quite pleasing. The one thing I have noted is the need to trim the wick about every 20 minutes. Despite pre-priming the wick (soaking it in wax prior to making the candle), the candle itself is melting quickly enough to outburn the wick. The wick needs to be maintained at about 1/4 inch, otherwise the flame is too high, resulting in accelerated burn of the wax, and, smoking of the wick.

All things considered, I am very pleased with the outcome of my efforts and plan to make more candles very soon. I do not intend to make any tall tapers, but, will stick with the pillar type. For now anyway.


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