Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh no!!.......Oh yes! More Soap Cupcakes!!!

I could seriously make soap cupcakes every day of my life!!! These are sooo much fun to make. I need to spend a day making decorative embellishments. I should also plan ahead, deciding what fragrance and design I am going to make ahead of time, so I am prepared. As of now, I just fly by the seat of my pants and am not as creative as I might be otherwise.
Here are my latest creations:

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Blackberry Amber

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dead Sea Mud & Salt Spa Soapcake
These will be ready to sample in 2 weeks. I am anxious to try them out, especially the Spa Soapcake. I made a bar soap some time ago with this same recipe but I put salt in the bottom layer, which crumbled when I cut it. So, this time, I put a plain layer of soap first, followed by a layer with salt and then a layer with the Dead Sea Mud. Not that is matters with this design, since I won't be cutting these.

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