Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Ahead with New Ideas

With Spring approaching, I am working hard at new packaging for my products and will be taking pictures outdoors in natural light. Wish my daughter lived closer. She is an excellent photographer and has a photographer's eye, knowing just what to do to create stunning photos.
Labeling and packaging have always been a challenge for me. Too many choices. Colored, white or clear labels, or, hang tags. Font size, color and design. Company logo versus picture to match fragrance.
Right now, I am leaning towards 2 labels for each product. Trying to cram  everything (including ingredients) onto one label tends to make the label too busy, or, even require a magnifying glass to read. I don't want my customers to think I am trying to cover up something by making the print so small. It has been a matter of trying to get all of the pertinent information on one label. If I could really come up with something I liked and wanted to stick with for a while, it would probably be cheaper to have them done professionally than to buy labels and ink and print them myself.
I am also working on a flyer to use for marketing purposes. I will definitely have these professionally printed.

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