Sunday, November 20, 2011

Body Butter

Body Butter is a wonderfully moisturizing product that is particularly useful during the Winter months when the skin is especially prone to dryness. Body butter is typically more greasy than lotion, however, this is what provides the intense moisturizing effect. The greasiness can be controlled to a certain degree depending on the butters used and with the addition of other ingredients.
For those concerned about the safety of preservatives, Body Butter is a great alternative to lotion as it does not require a preservative since it does not contain water.
Whipped Body Butter is a variation of regular body butter, the only difference being it is whipped as it cools, incorporating air, which results in a lighter texture. It does not affect the greasiness.
A recipe I often use is:

2.5 ounces Shea Butter
1.0 ounce Mango Butter
1.0 ounce Cocoa Butter
1.5 ounces Almond Oil
Few Drops of Vitamin E
1 Tablespoon Corn Starch ( Optional. Cuts down on greasiness)
1 Teaspoon fragrance of choice (more or less to your own taste)

Melt the butters just to the point they are melted. Add Almond oil and Vitamin E. Mix well. Place in freezer or allow to sit at room temperature just until the oil begins to solidify around the edge of the bowl. Mix with standard kitchen mixer (hand blender not recommended for this particular product) until butters become opaque and begin to thicken. Slowly add cornstarch and fragrance and mix well. Pour into containers. Butter will harden to a solid form, but will melt readily when applied to the skin. If you prefer a lighter texture, continue to mix until the butter becomes the consistency of cake frosting. It will take a while! Scoop into containers. Butter will continue to harden.
Body Butter is especially nice to use immediately after a shower or bath while the skin is still damp and moist. It will help seal in the moisture and will leave your skin silky smooth! Enjoy!!!

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