Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding and Bridal Shower Favors

Making Shower Favors is an easy and fun project to do. There will always be weddings so there is always a market for this type of product, or, you can make them for your own wedding or for friends. Fortune Cookies are popular and can easily be personalized with the Bride and Groom names and the date of the wedding.
To make the cookie, melt your soap and add the color and fragrance. Add a tiny bit of vegetable glycerin to the melted soap. This keeps the soap more pliable so it doesn't break when you fold and bend it. Pour the soap into a flat, shallow container so it will be about  1/8 of an inch thick. After it hardens, cut out circles as you would cut out cookie dough. Fold the circle in half, pressing the edges together, leaving one side open. Slip the piece of paper with the bride and groom names on it down into the open side. Holding the lengthwise sides, center the cookie with the folded side down, over the edge of a bowl and press down to bend the cookie. Waala! That's all there is to it. An adorable fortune cookie favor! We packaged ours in a clear cello bag and tied it with a piece of silk ribbon.

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  1. Going to try this soon! You make it sound so easy! lol Thanks for posting this.