Thursday, November 10, 2011

Custom Requests

If anyone out there needs a custom piece of jewelry or a "special request" bath and body item, let me know! I love doing custom work.

To date, my favorite custom order was for a lady who had a little boy she was trying to potty train. She was also trying to teach him to wash his hands after using the potty. As with most kids, he wasn't too keen on washing his hands. According to his Mom, this little tyke loved pirates. One day when she told him to wash his hands, he said he would wash them if he could use pirates gold as soap. So, Mom contacted me to see if I could make soap which looked like gold pieces. I made shiny gold glycerin soap coin soaps, packaged in a black faux leather pull string pouch. Some time later I received a letter from Mom saying her son loved the soaps and was more than happy to wash his hands ANY time!

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